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What is Your Family’s Safe Level of Exposure to Toxins?

You know about the toy recalls due to lead.  You know about plastic toys banned because they contain hormone disruptors called phthalates.  You know about drugs in your water.  You know about a hormone disruptor, Bisphenol-A, in your baby bottles and water bottles.  You know about multiple toxins in your toiletries.  Why do current policies seem to ensure that you will find toxic products on your store shelves?  What can you do?  Can you minimize your family’s exposure to toxins without major lifestyle changes? 


Learn the Secrets to Reducing Your Family’s Toxic Exposure

Yes.  You can reduce your family’s toxic exposure by simply switching some of the products you use regularly.  The Secret Shopping List shows you how you can choose least toxic products.  The Secret Shopping List reveals the secrets because they shouldn’t be secret – for your family’s sake or for your friends’ and relatives’ families’ sake. 


The Secret Shopping List

Click the link to get your free booklet "How to Create a Least Toxic Toiletry Kit for Your Kids" and to find out more about how The Secret Shopping List can help you reduce your family’s and your community’s toxic exposure.

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Easier and faster than take-out, this is a hearty meal that is simple to make cand ertainly much healthier than take-out. Bring the recipe kit with you when you go camping or when you travel. You can even make it in a hot pot.

This recipe is full of healthy superfoods such as black beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, soy and super spices such as turmeric via curry powder and cumin.

This banana cake is a hit at our children's birthday parties. It's a recipe we've been making in our family for generations updated to improve nutrition.

A delicious stew that is full of healthy squash, tomatoes, corn, beans and spices. A great dish for guests or to take to potlucks. Make your shopping easy and get the kit with all the pantry items you need, all you have to add is winter squash from your local farmer's market or CSA (community support agriculture). Take the kit with you when you rent a cabin or vacation cottage.

Would you like to host a healthier, more eco-friendly, socially responsible birthday party? We have what you need. We’ve collected a variety of healthier, eco-friendly, socially responsible birthday party supplies and gifts.

Would you like to give healthier, more eco-friendly, socially responsible birthday gifts? We make it easier to do so. We’ve collected in one place a variety of healthier, more eco-friendly, socially responsible birthday party gifts.

We should eat organic food for
- Our own health
- The health of our community, farm communities and the health of our environment.

In this article we list multiple studies and references to support these conclusions as well as references to tool kits to help reduce our exposure to toxics.

We hope these suggestions help you in selecting thoughtful gifts that support healthy, environmentally friendly lives for you and your loved ones.

Waterkeeper Alliance, Greenpeace and the University of North Carolina have teamed up to offer you the opprotunity to test your mercury levels.

Reduce Waste by Reducing Your Unwanted Junk Mail

Watch an entertaining and informative parody of Star Wars that promotes organic food.

"Low fat, low calorie or low carb? Nutrition experts and dieters everywhere go back and forth on the optimal mix for good health and weight control, but three recent studies make a strong case for one thing: balance. Now that's a common-sense approach we can wrap our appetites around."

USDA introduces "MyPyramid" to replace the 15-year old Food Guide Pyramid. "MyPyramid translates the principles of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other nutritional standards to assist consumers in making healthier food and physical activity choices. "

Find out about our suppliers’ (Taylor Maid Farms, Zhena’s Gypsy Teas and A Greater Gift) relief efforts, find educational resources and discover ways to help. Promote long-term recovery by purchasing fair trade handcrafts (Children of the World Mobile from A Greater Gift), coffee (Taylor Maid Farm Coffees: Sonoma Roast, Rise and Shine and Rainforest Blend) and tea (Zhena’s Gypsy Teas) from these regions.

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